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Ghosting and abandonment
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Ghosting: A New Name for an Old Phenomenon

Only The Name Has Changed Ghosting is not a new phenomenon; it’s been around for hundreds of years. Many men and women have been there….

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Prelude to the Mindbender-Empty Bed by window with white quilt-like coverlet.
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The Prelude To The Mindbender–Valentine’s Day 2011

. f Only I’d Stayed in Bed… Mysterious Footsteps In The Hall It was eight o’clock on Sunday, before Valentine’s Day — the annual lover’s…

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29 Years Gone in an Instant–My Husband Had a Suitcase Nuke

He Gave A New Meaning To Rock My World You never know what will happen when you wake up in the morning. You may discover…

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The Wild, Wild, West (Side of Town)

Yo Babe. What’s up with the 9mm and the Bowie knife? The First Symptoms It was 2009 when my husband’s behavior began to change. Becoming…

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Man looking down at phone brimming with social media icons.
Posted in Divorce

Who Gets the Friends In The Divorce?

from the Casper The Unholy Ghost Collection, 2013 Hey, it Happens Divorce is never a cakewalk. Even when you divorce later in life (called grey…

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Semper Fi, Marine in dress uniform standing at parade rest.
Posted in Crazy-Making Behavior Marine Corps Runaway Husbands Semper Fidelis

Semper Fidelis… Psych!

From my Casper The Unholy Ghost Collection 2014 One Down, One To Go — Check! Before his jail-break departure, my runaway husband held two jobs…

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Hondas sitting on dealer showroom floor.
Posted in Collateral Damage Runaway Husbands

Three Hondas and a Ford Is a Losing Hand

My husband and I traded in my Ford and got three new Hondas–then he promptly disappeared. Charmed To Meet You Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it? …

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Abandonment and Betrayal__Depressed Woman Lying On Sofe
Posted in Abandonment and Betrayal Relationship Lessons Runaway Husbands

Abandonment and Betrayal

Abandonment and betrayal by a long-term partner is a living hell, no matter where it originates. It’s even worse when it comes from the person…

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Ejact! Bailout! Pilot ejecting from jet going down in flames.
Posted in Relationship Lessons

“Eject!” and “Bailout!”–Two Words You Should Never Ignore

Emergency Awareness “Eject!” and “Bailout!” are two words that pilots in training learn to listen for above everything else. Hearing the word ‘eject’ creates an…

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