bed with white quilt
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The Prelude To The Mindbender

From my Ghost Roast Cafe Collection, written in 2013 Oh, If Only I’d Stayed in Bed… Mysterious Footsteps In The Hall It was eight o’clock…

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marine in dress uniform holding white gloed hands behind his back in parade rest
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Semper Fidelis… Psych!

From my Casper The Unholy Ghost Collection written in 2014 One Down, One To Go — Check! Before his jail-break departure, my runaway husband held…

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Dealer giving woman keys to new car
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Three Hondas and a Ford Is a Losing Hand

From my Casper the Unholy Ghost Collection, 2013 My husband and I traded in my Ford and got three new Hondas–then he promptly disappeared. Charmed…

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Abandonment and Betrayal__Depressed Woman Lying On Sofe
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Abandonment and Betrayal

Abandonment and betrayal by a long-term partner is a living hell, no matter where it originates. It’s even worse when it comes from the person…

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