The Prelude To The Mindbender

If Only I'd Stayed in Bed...

Mysterious Footsteps In The Hall

It was eight o’clock on Sunday, before Valentine’s Day — the annual lover’s holiday. The previous day, everything seemed normal. This day began The Prelude to The Mindbender.

Things in my life were not as they appeared and I had no idea that life as I’d known it was about to change — forever.

Sitting up on the bed, I slid my feet into my house shoes and shuffled off toward the kitchen to enjoy my morning cup of coffee. Descending the stairway, I rounded the corner into the hallway.

Halted in my tracks, I paused to listen for what sounded like footsteps tracking behind me on the floor. Turning my head quickly, I saw no one. Interesting. Hubby was still asleep upstairs. He and I were the only ones home, so I shrugged and proceeded to the kitchen.

Footsteps Swing a Mean Two-By-Four

I lifted the handle on the coffee maker, dropped a fresh pod into the machine, and waited for my morning dose of Dark Magic.

When the noise from the brewing process stopped, I picked up my cup and wrapped my hands around it. Closing my eyes, I leaned back against the counter and inhaled the beautiful aroma of my steaming cup of caffeinated goodness.

I smiled. I was happy. It was the weekend, and I didn’t have to work — therefore, all was right with the world. Well, except for those mysterious footsteps.

I felt a light tap on my shoulder as I contemplated my contentment. I heard a loud ‘whooshing’ sound before being hit square in the face with what felt like a large two-by-four.

The hit was so hard that I saw stars. My coffee spilled onto the drainboard. I reeled from the impact. When I opened my eyes, no entity or personage was visible. As I rubbed the side of my hot stinging face and became aware that my head was starting to throb from the impact.

I had no idea what that was all about, but I knew someone wanted to get my attention!

Prelude To The Mindbender 2

I mean that I had no idea I was about to embark on a forced march through the corridors of hell.

I would be taken to dark places I’d never imagined. Soon I would get up close and personal with heartbreak and betrayal of epic proportions. Eventually, I would become an expert on rough-hewn lumber to the face.

Those mysterious footsteps? They turned out to be an invisible Someone–sent to delivering a little tough love to break the ice–and help me get used to being ambushed.

My Mindbender Unfolded In All It’s Glory a Few Hours Later

Horror of horrors! The husband I thought I’d known for 29 years — ripped off his mask, allowed his cape to drop to the ground, and vanished into thin air — never to be heard from again.

Happy Valentine’s Day surprise!

Prelude to the mindbender-Blue Smoke rising against dark background




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